Warrior Juice Company CBD Rep McKenna Cheff

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My name is McKenna Cheff. I am 17 years old. Currently, I am finishing high school and getting my AA at Green River College. Dirt bikes are my life. I race Women’s A for off-road and women’s expert and 250C for motocross. I’ve been racing since I was 10 and riding since I was 3. For 2020 we have some really cool things in the works. My goals are to get a top 10 at Loretta Lynn’s in the women’s 14+ class and qualify in a boys class. I also want to win the Team Tortoise Northwest Off-Road Championship series in the women’s expert class. As well as race a few AMA West Hare Scrambles and Hare & Hounds. When I’m not at school or riding, I am either at the gym or yoga. I am an ambassador for Get Hot Yoga, the coolest yoga studio ever, in Covington, WA. Adding yoga and Warrior Juice Co. CBD drops (which you can get 35% off using code “mc21”!) into my program has been life changing.
It is a serious difference to feel so stress free and know that my body is benefiting from good habits. In the gym, I also use TTP Nutrition’s GRIT. GRIT is full of electrolytes, BCAA’s and non-jittery focused energy to crush my workouts. You can get $$$ off of GRIT using this link(-:
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